In October, almost 10 thousand people arrived in Yucatán by plane

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During the month of October, the National Migration Institute (INM), a government agency that depends on the Ministry of the Interior, through its Yucatan State Representative Office, registered the arrival of 9,982 people -3,633 Mexicans and 6,349 foreigners- by air.

In the National Migration Institute offices, 2,612 people attended during the same period for different migratory procedures, according to data provided by the agency.

The most recurrent nationalities in these attentions were Cuba with 260 people; United States, 257; Canada, 98; Venezuela, 90 and Colombia, 41.

As part of the daily actions of the Federal Agents of the INM to maintain a safe, orderly, and regular migration, they explained, medical attention was provided to 47 foreigners housed in the immigration station until their stay status was resolved.

In addition, during the immigration verification operations, 50 people were presented to the immigration authorities because they could not prove their regular stay. Of this total, 12 were from Guatemala; Colombia, 9; Jamaica, 8; Cuba, 7; Honduras, 3; United States, 3; Venezuela and China, two respectively; Brazil, Nicaragua, Canada and Belize, one person from each country.

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