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Henry Martín Mex, the pride of a Yucatan soccer family

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Mrs. Guadalupe Mex López, mother of the Yucatecan soccer player of the moment, Henry Martín, currently in Qatar to play in the 2022 World Cup, recalls that like his siblings José Daniel, Freddy and Cindy Guadalupe, he was very naughty as a child, and in the case of the boys, they spent a good part of the day playing soccer, in the garage, in the yard and of course in the park near the house, so as head of the house she had to put her foot down to make them stop to take a bath and eat.

This passion for soccer has been with them since the cradle, in their home, everything revolves around soccer, and in this regard Daniel Martin Medina (father), said that since he was 15 years old, and she was his girlfriend, Mrs. Lupita accompanied him to the games, and there came a time when even being pregnant she continued with this custom, to the extent that she was about to give birth on the field of the Jesus Carranza neighborhood.

“It was a final, I could not say anything to my husband and I had to endure the pain, when the game ended there were no trucks and we had to look for a cab to take me to the hospital,” recalls the lady in a video that a few years ago was made to commemorate Father’s Day.

Don Daniel, who comes from a very humble family with few resources, did not have the opportunity to develop professionally as he would have liked in this sport that he has practiced since he was six years old, because despite having talent in the midfield, first there was work and finishing a professional career, in this case engineering.

Later, together with his brother Manuel, they formed a team so that young people had the opportunity to practice soccer to get away from vices and it was in this way that a few years later life gave him one of the most beautiful satisfactions, playing with the Soccer Club, a game accompanied by his sons José Daniel, Freddy and Henry.

We were the first family to do it in the state“, says Don Daniel, who besides being proud of having passed on his love for the sport, maintains a good communion with his sons, who by the way also have professional careers.

He has a close relationship with them as friends, with whom he has the confidence to talk and listen to their concerns, problems and even dating issues.

“I feel very flattered that they trust me, before anyone else,” he said.

And this was very clear with Henry, because when the talent scout of the Venados FC Yucatan, Daniel Rosello Sambaino noticed him and invited him to a practice with the team, the boy did not respond, because Don Daniel did not agree that he should distract his attention from the civil engineering career that he was just beginning to study at the Autonomous University of Yucatan (Uady).

Finally, after talking with his father, the Yucatecan striker obtained permission and began to carve his professional path with Venados, in the promoted soccer league.

It is worth mentioning that his performances took him to the First Division and he made his debut with Xolos de Tijuana.

From there, the attacker went on to América, where he was already champion in 2018 and also received constant calls to the national team.

Henry Martín appeared in practically the entire World Cup qualifiers and has now become the first Yucatecan to attend a World Cup. Of course, the whole family will be making the trip to Qatar to support him.

Henry Josué Martín Mex, who was born on November 18, 1992, in Mérida, Yucatán (he just celebrated his 30th birthday the day before yesterday), married teacher Gabriela Pech and they are proud parents of Jimena and Mauro, who are seven and two years old, respectively.

It should be noted that in addition to his great work on the field, where in the recent tournament he finished as runner-up in the scoring charts, the American player is an example as a loving and responsible father.

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