Endangered “Tigrillo” becomes roadkill in Baca, Yuc.

Margay (Photo: costarica.com)

A Margay (Tigrillo) was run over and found dead on the Motul-Baca section of the highway.

BACA, YUCATAN (November 08, 2022).-The corpse of the animal was left lying on the shoulder of the highway, on the the Hilí-Baca section, near the “Bugambilias” ranch.

Drivers lament that the habitat of the local fauna is being lost due to the action of the real estate companies that have bought large extensions of land for the construction of houses.

Photo: YAI

These lands are being devastated by heavy machinery that destroys the existing vegetation, and consequently, the local fauna looks for other spaces to cross the road without being run over, these poor animals are just trying to survive.

Activistis consider that it would be convenient for the corresponding authorities to take action on the matter to regulate this situation and not end the habitat of these species.