Home Headlines Despite the presence of avian influenza in Yucatán, local business chambers say it’s safe to consume chicken and turkey

Despite the presence of avian influenza in Yucatán, local business chambers say it’s safe to consume chicken and turkey

by Yucatan Times
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The state leader of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac), Claudia González Góngora, ruled out a possible shortage of chicken and turkey, as well as their by-products as a result of the detection of the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus AH5N1 in a farm in Umán, and at the same time promised to maintain the prices of the product and its derivatives, since the problem is focused and under control.

He indicated that during a meeting he held with government authorities they affirmed that everything is under control.

For the moment, the General Directorate of Animal Health (DGSA) of the National Service of Agri-Food Health, Safety and Quality (Senasica) stated that a sampling of five kilometers around the affected farm was carried out, without finding a live infected animal, so proliferation in the surrounding area was ruled out.

The Southeast Poultry Farmers Association revealed that about 20,000 birds were slaughtered from the farm, in compliance with the protocol, at the same time that a sanitary vacuum was carried out, removing all the garbage and cleaning the houses as well as the entire production unit.

González Góngora informed that the health authorities confirmed that so far there is no case of intoxication or contagion from consuming chicken meat.

He indicated that the Canirac had a meeting with government authorities, in which personnel from the Ministry of Health clarified that the problem is under control in Yucatan.

Therefore, it was explained to the Chamber that there is no risk of shortages, since the presence of another positive case of the Avian Influenza virus type A, subtype H5N1 has been ruled out.

Therefore, there will be a supply of the product and by-product throughout the State, so the restaurant sector will have no supply problems, as will Yucatecan families.

In addition, there is a commitment that there will be no increase in the prices of chicken and turkey, as well as by-products.

“In the event of a price increase, it would be due to inflation, in addition to the fact that in December prices are generalized according to supply and demand,” said the businesswoman.

At the same time, she guaranteed that so far no people have been intoxicated or infected by the consumption of poultry or by-products.

She indicated that the sector is calm in view of the explanation given by the governmental authorities regarding the avian flu, since it was guaranteed that “a greater risk is not foreseen, and fortunately all the corresponding measures are already being taken to control the disease“.

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