Coca-Cola products to raise prices for the third time in Mexico

coca cola cans and glasses with lines
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If you were thinking of giving up carbonated soft drinks, now you have a new reason: the price increase.

Due to the increase in the price of raw materials, FEMSA will raise the price of its star product, Coca-Cola, from 1 to 2 pesos in stores and establishments.

This will be the third price increase in Coca-Cola products so far in 2022, which will be reflected on December 1.

Now the cost of the 250 and 400 milliliter Coca-Cola presentations will increase from 9 to 10 pesos and from 12 to 13 pesos, respectively.

The 500-milliliter PET presentation, which cost 15 pesos, will now cost 17 pesos, and the 1.25-liter returnable presentation will have a price adjustment from 21 to 22 pesos.

The non-returnable 3-liter Coca-Cola will go from 45 to 47 pesos, and in the case of the flavored presentations, the price adjustment will be of one peso, which will go from 14 to 15 pesos in 235-milliliter presentations.

In turn, the price of 1.35 liter products will increase from 19 to 20 pesos, 2 liter products will increase from 27 to 28 pesos and 3 liter products will increase from 35 to 37 pesos.

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