Campeche’s Palizada River no longer represents a danger for locals: Perez Herrera

The level of the Palizada River no longer represents a risk for the inhabitants of the city and communities that are on the banks of the tributary, which decreased 12 centimeters this Wednesday, Nov. 9th.

In this regard, Bertha Perez Herrera, secretary of Civil Protection, stated that the river is at 5.08 meters above sea level, which means that it is below the maximum of its critical level.

“It is expected to continue descending in the coming days,” she said.

Likewise, Perez Herrera stressed that the State Government gave all the support to the municipality and had the support of the Navy and the Armada, so everything is now under control.

She also assured that with the lowering of the river level, the population is calmer and it was not necessary to mobilize them, and that the Paliceños generally refuse to leave despite the fact that the river is swollen.

TYT Newsroom