Campeche requests new studies to ensure octopus capture

octopus and fishes
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New studies are required from the National Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture for the octopus in Campeche’s coasts, said the leader of the Muelle de San Román, José del Carmen Uicab, pointing out that there is talk of 19,000 tons of the mollusk caught in Campeche and Yucatán this season, when in the first two months the activity was practically paralyzed.

(Punto Medio).- The leader pointed out that the decisions made by the authorities depend on these studies, and if they do not reflect the reality of the sea, with a shortage of marine species not only of octopus but also of shrimp, next year there will be similar or worse precarious conditions than those registered in 2022.

Likewise, the leader pointed out that the fishermen are worried that due to the amount of catch reported by Inapesca, they could close the season before December 15, the official date for the mollusk catch, and this would affect the coastal fishermen, who have improved the volumes, accumulating up to 30 kilos of mollusk per boat.

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