Bilingual inclusion, language program launched in Yucatan schools

Liborio Vidal Aguilar, head of the Secretariat of Education of the State of Yucatan (Segey), revealed that next year will be the start of the Bilingual Environments program, which contemplates the inclusion of the English language primarily, but Mayan, sign language and the Brille method are also contemplated.

He detailed that it will be in 2023 when the Segey will continue the application to reach 100 percent English in pre-school and primary schools in Yucatán, with the hiring of three thousand new English teachers for 300 schools, mostly in the interior of the state.

Two thousand teachers will be trained and certified for the inclusion of a bilingual environment in the schools, “where English is a priority, as well as Mayan, sign language, Braille signage and signs in the three languages mentioned above so that the children can begin to learn these languages,” said the secretary.

In addition to this, he detailed that Bilingual Environments is considered in next year’s budget and by the end of 2021 the Segey has initiated the launching of four virtual high schools in coordination with the UADY, to have a presence in the 106 municipalities, entering the largest police stations.

He also recalled that they are also working on reinforcing the installation of internet in three thousand schools, which by next year should be installing internet in 800 new points, in 2023 another 800 to fulfill the commitment in early 2024.

TYT Newsroom