Beer: the favorite beverage of all Yucatán

The pandemic has been the most difficult season for those who sell wines and liquors in Yucatán, said the president of the National Chamber of Small Commerce (Canacope) Mérida, Jorge Cardeña Licona, who pointed out that in view of the restrictions during the pandemic, some 800 agencies had to close permanently in the state.

Within the framework of November 15, World Alcohol Free Day, which was established by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a measure against the problems that alcohol consumption represents at a personal, family, social and health level, Cardeña Licona explained in particular how alcohol sales are in the southern zone of the city of Merida.

“The restrictions at that time generated major losses, many closed definitely around 800 throughout the state, in Merida 45 percent of these and many more are trying to recover from that hard blow to the economy, I think the Yucatecan is generally cheerful and although the regulated premises closed at the time, others took advantage and generated a lot of clandestinity,” said the business leader.

According to data from the Merida City Hall, in the city of Merida alone there are 310 restaurants and 57 discotheques and bars, in which wines, liquors and beers are sold. These data are those that are registered and pay taxes.

The president of the Canacope, who is also owner of some wine, liquor and beer agencies, mentioned that regularly the sales generated by these places per day is one thousand pesos on a normal day for a small store.

He explained that what they consume most are beers of the different brands marketed in Yucatán and that only 25 percent of their sales correspond to other products containing alcohol for human consumption.

“Even though it is a very lucrative business, it is no secret that the high costs of electric energy continue and continue to increase, that was the main problem during the pandemic, that these places never stopped paying taxes, electric energy and services,” he mentioned.

Finally, he hopes that these last months that will no longer have restrictions as in other years will bring better profits for the members of the chamber and not only for those who sell alcohol of a particular brand.

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