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Yucatan’s Constitution will recognize the rights of people with disabilities as a social model

by Yucatan Times
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The coordinator of the State Legislative Fraction of the PRI, Gaspar Quintal, pointed out that the initiative will seek to eliminate obstacles and stereotypes, as well as the paternalistic vision of this sector of the population. Under the premise of “nothing about us, without us”, the Legislative Fraction of the PRI presented an initiative to recognize in the Constitution of Yucatan the rights of the disabled in all public policies and actions, respecting their autonomy, independence and legal capacity in a cross-cutting manner.

The coordinator of the PRI bench, Gaspar Quintal Parra, pointed out that in this way the social model of the rights of this sector will be applied, observing the principles of inclusion and accessibility, considering the universal design and reasonable adjustments for all types of disabilities.

From the tribune of the State Congress, he stressed that the PRI proposes a governance system that includes everyone, promoting the effectiveness of the rights of people and placing greater emphasis on those living with disabilities.

“We strive to eliminate obstacles or barriers that prevent the full enjoyment of human rights, always firm in inclusion and accessibility, generating greater participation in public decisions; above all, in the provision of public services, in their attention and dignified treatment,” he emphasized.

The deputy recalled that the local Constitution currently prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability and recognizes persons with disabilities as subjects of protection and special assistance from the State, through institutions, facilities, and services for their care, as well as social programs that guarantee the enjoyment of a full life.

However, unfortunately, it continues with a paternalistic and welfare vision attached to the medical model of care for people with disabilities, locking them in stereotypes that limit the exercise of their rights. For this reason, Gaspar Quintal said that a transversal vision is needed that institutionally considers full accessibility and real inclusion in all areas, both public and private, being this possible through the highest ordinance of our entity, which is the Constitution.

He said that the recognition of the rights of disabled people within the local supreme norm, will represent the way in which democracy is conceived and that it must be reflected for all people without exception.

“The construction of an inclusive society as a supreme mandate of the local Constitution, will force public authorities to guarantee their rights, and to promote their participation, for which this and all initiatives must be consulted, so that our State continues to be at the forefront, being the place that always seeks to improve the lives of those of us who have the privilege of calling it our home,” he concluded.

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