Yucatan SSP officer saves girl from choking to death

A four-year-old girl was saved from suffocating to death thanks to the timely help she received from police officer Ernesto Balam of the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública (SSP).

MERIDA, YUCATAN.- On October 21st, in Merida’s Nueva Chichén Itzá neighborhood, on board a tricycle, a girl swallowed something, she was choking and was about to faint while her mother was desperately patting her back.

Upon approaching the officer, who at that moment was doing his routine surveillance, and noticing what was happening, he immediately began the Heimlich maneuvers, managing to clear the airway of the little girl.

After confirming that Carla Maribel was no longer in danger, mother and daughter were taken to Unit 6435, assigned to the Delta group, to be transferred to the Red Cross facility in Merida.

The emergency room physician assessed the patient and confirmed that she was stable and breathing normally. The mother received attention from the doctor because she experienced a nervous breakdown.

The minor’s father arrived at the Red Cross when both were confirmed out of danger and did not need to be admitted. The family thanked the officer for saving their daughter’s life.

TYT Newsroom