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Yucatán: Alleged sighting of a gorilla in the forest causes commotion in Chenkekén

by Yucatan Times
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black gorilla walking on green grass

The presence of a strange animal roaming the fields, which some claim is a gorilla, is causing a stir and even fear among the residents of Chenkekén, a rural community in the municipality of Tizimín, Yucatán.

(El Debate).- Three weeks ago, one of the producers of the “Sembrando Vida” production unit who was on guard at night, claimed to have seen a gorilla sleeping in the bush, on the outskirts of Chenkekén. He says he was so scared, that he spent the night hiding in a hut.

At dawn, he decided to go out and the animal was no longer where he had seen it, therefore he immediately went to the village to tell them what he had seen, but of course, his colleagues did not believe him, it is impossible for there to be a gorilla on the loose in Tizimin.

However, the story did not stop there because later other villagers reported that for several weeks some animals has been eating watermelons, pumpkins, and bananas in the fields.

close up photo of gorilla
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Other growers report that they have seen crops flattened “as if something big had opened a path for them to pass through”. Still others say they have seen “strange footprints” in the ground on their ranches.

Such has been the commotion and fear caused by the alleged sighting that the Municipal Police and Civil Protection personnel have arrived at the site for patrols, but have not seen anything about the “Gorilla” case.

For its part, the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) reported that it is aware of the alleged sightings of a primate in plots of land in the commissary, but said that the personnel have ruled out any visit to the site.

Meanwhile, the commander of the Municipal Police, Marcos López Ovando, said that they went to the Sembrando Vida nursery and interviewed the person who said he had seen the gorilla, who was asked if he consumed any toxic substances or alcohol, something he flatly denied.

According to the police chief, only because it is presumed that there may be footprints have they considered returning, so they are going to coordinate with Civil Protection to make a second visit to the community.

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