What is a “Bomba Yucateca”?

Known for its people with a cheerful and very peculiar sense of humor, México is a country where its language is everything. 

The bomba Yucateca is a short verse, commonly known as piropos (pick-up lines), that mostly always rhyme. These are usually chanted while couples are dancing the Jarana (dance and musical form originated in Yucatán) and when the music stops, the silence is used to declaim the bomba out loud so opening and closing the intervention with the word “Bomba”. They are usually flattering, with very clever use of words that make improvisation an amazing gift for many Yucatecans.

It has its origins in the Spanish ballads invented many centuries ago, which with the passage of time were expanding in Spanish-speaking countries and adapted according to the ethnic groups in each region of Hispanic America.

The Yucatán peninsula is full of traditions of Maya and mestizo origin, and the Jarana dance is one of them, which is why the Bomba was originally spoken in the Maya language, although today it is more common to hear it in Spanish.

Jarana [regional] dance Photo: Google

Here is a little Bomba for you!

  • En esa boquita en flor
  • que te ha regalado Dios,
  • no hay ningún labio inferior
  • son superiores los dos.
  • BOMBA!

  • In that little mouth in bloom
  • that God has given you,
  • there is no lower lip
  • they are both superior.
  • BOMBA!

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