Umán’s Center for Culture and the Arts opens with dance programs

adult art ballerina ballet
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The lesson plans are recognized by the Segey

The Center for Culture and the Arts of the municipality of Umán offers programs in classical dance, folklore, and jazz, which have the Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (Revoe), granted by the state Ministry of Education (Segey).

This follows an agreement signed by the Umán City Hall and Segey, to promote the artistic training of children, young people, and adults in the interior of the state.

The place will benefit more than 300 students who see classical dance, folklore, and jazz as an opportunity for development. The place has four classrooms and a library.

During the inauguration, he informed that starting in January, the municipality of Umán will be part of the bilingual environment and coverage strategy of the State English Agenda presented by the State Government.

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