The new Adventure Circuit will link the Centennial Zoo, the Extreme Sports Park, and Animaya

The Adventure Circuit is a free interconnection route that will link the Centennial Zoo, the Extreme Sports Park, and Animaya, so that families can move easily from one point to another and enjoy the different attractions.

There are three units, each with air conditioning, a TV screen, WIFI, and 37 seats; the trip lasts approximately 40 minutes. They estimate an influx of 25 thousand users per month.

Two transportation units start their route at Animaya and one at Centenario, along the way they will make stops at YA’AXTAL, Jardín Bepensa, and Hacienda Anikabil parks.

The service will be available from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and there will be 12 points of ascent and 12 points of descent, as well as bike parking.

These points are located at: Animaya, Hacienda Anikabil, Periférico Poniente, Parque de Deportes Extremos, Parque Ya’axtal (A-1, Calle 130), Parque Ya’axtal (A-2, Calle 132) Jardín Bepensa, Plaza Canek, Atlántida, Calle 102, colonia Bojórquez Hospital O’Horán and Zoológico del Centenario.

Renán Barrera, mayor of Mérida, said that Animaya Park will soon be expanded, which will generate more spaces for families to enjoy, as well as more animal species.

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