The cause of death of a woman treated in Kanasín clandestine clinic revealed

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Last Monday night, October 10, police officers dismantled a presumed clandestine clinic in Kanasín where a young woman was hospitalized in serious condition and was later reported dead.

What was the cause of death of the woman hospitalized in a clandestine clinic in Kanasín?

In view of the different versions that have circulated about the case, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that the cause of death of young Ruby was “acute post-hemorrhagic anemia, resulting from sepsis.

The autopsy performed on the young woman’s body also revealed that she was not pregnant, as her relatives were led to believe. The person in charge of the place where she was being treated told them that she had had an abortion after manipulating a probe that had been previously placed.

According to the information obtained, the sepsis was caused by a contraceptive device that the girl had had for several years, which the mother reported when interviewed at the Prosecutor’s Office.

Arrested for controversial case
It was also indicated that two people continue to be detained while the investigation file is being integrated, so their legal situation would be defined in the first hours of tomorrow Thursday.

Mother of the woman tells her version of events

Catalina C. H., mother of the young woman, said that the deceased had been “interned” there since Saturday morning. She explained that the young woman began to have a fever and became short of breath, so she was taken to the IMSS family unit, where she was told that her daughter had to be admitted immediately to a hospital and was given a doctor’s order.

The woman decided to seek a second opinion and took her to a pharmacy with a doctor’s office, where she was told that they could not treat the young woman due to her health condition and recommended that she be taken to a hospital since she already had a doctor’s order.

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