Snake rescued in a labor center in Hunucmá

Civil protection agents came to the rescue of a snake called “ojos de gato” or garbage snake that was lurking in the vicinity of the Envases Universales company, located on the Merida-Tetiz federal highway.

Local Procivy agents came to the rescue of the reptile, whose scientific name is Leptodeira frenata, known in Maya as “Chac Kokob”. After securing the specimen of almost a meter and a half long, it was returned to the bush, and the environmentalists offered their telephone numbers for any wildlife report at 9995083592 or 9889578515.

Alberto Rodríguez, a herpetologist from Kinchile, explained that this snake is generally nocturnal and can also be found among the huano roofs or in the undergrowth near the walls.

Attacks on humans are not very common; in some cases their bite hurts a little, but it does not put health at risk, so preserving the species is vital for the ecosystem, he concluded.

TYT Newsroom