SEGOB government official linked to fuel trafficking network

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The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), in a confidential report, links the Minister of the Interior (Segob), Adán Augusto López Hernández, with a fuel trafficking network that operates on a large scale in Tabasco.

(24Horas) The intelligence report was delivered to military commanders last August 31st, and was found by 24 HORAS among the more than four million documents and emails hacked by the Guacamaya group.

The Army identifies this investigation with the code name Caso Olmeca (Olmeca Case) and it consists of communications interceptions, field research, digital mapping and data mining, detailing the hydrocarbon trafficking network in the homeland of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the country’s domestic policy maker.

The intelligence inputs have a level of detail, with which it locates names and family circles of well drillers, huachicol traffickers, pipe buyers and drivers, as well as locations of gas stations, hotels, warehouses, routes and connections of institutional protection at the highest level.

A communication intercepted by the Army on August 18th, reports a conversation between Gabriel Eduardo González Gabo, leader of the Olmeca organization, in which he refers to having had a direct call with the head of Segob, Adán Augusto López Hernández -whom the Army identifies by his name and the code name of uncle-.

The current leader of the oil pipeline in Tabasco, where the Sedena states in the same report that the oil trafficking routes are under the protection of the CJNG, says that the head of the Interior Ministry placed himself at his orders and passed him a contact with the Seido to be his liaison.

In addition to the head of Segob, the investigation of the Olmeca case involves high-level Pemex officials and engineers, National Guard inspectors and Dos Bocas seaport workers.

With less detail, among the transcripts of the intercepted conversations there are several in which the huachicoleros announce meetings with businessmen for the purchase of huachicol on a large scale, as well as meetings with a person in Mexico City with presidential contacts.

Regarding the magnitude of the Olmeca trafficking network, military intelligence has detected that it involves millions of liters of stolen fuel, which is extracted in pipes and taken to northern states of the country, through the protection of the route by means of the National Guard.

The drillers, for example, sell the hydricarbide, already analyzed by Pemex engineers, at three pesos per liter to huachicoleros such as El Gabo, who has the high-level contacts, and he takes it to Monterrey, to businessmen, who are not detailed, at a price of 17 pesos per liter.

Sedena even states that it is following the trail of connections of the Olmeca group with Saudi Arabian ships, to which they would sell fuel.

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