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Segey celebrates 58 years of invaluable work in Indigenous Education in Yucatán

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Currently, this educational service is provided to 36,621 students in 530 schools.

The 58th anniversary of Indigenous Education in the state was celebrated with a conference on the community experiences of teachers and an exhibition of books, didactic materials, and historical photographs, through which the service is provided to more than 36,000 students from an intercultural perspective and the promotion of the native language.

The inauguration of the activities was headed by the General Director of Basic Education (Educación Básica), Linda Basto Ávila, representing the head of Segey, Liborio Vidal Aguilar; the Director of Indigenous Education (Educación Indígena), Noemy Yolanda Chel Ucán; the President of the Education, Science and Technology Commission (Comisión Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología), Crescencio Gutiérrez González; the President of the Commission for the Respect and Preservation of the Maya Language (Comisión para el Respeto y la Preservación de la Lengua Maya), Manuela de Jesús Cocom Bolio, accompanied by school principals, school authorities, active and retired teachers.

The discussion entitled “Origins of early education, preschool and indigenous primary education in Yucatán” was presented by retired teachers with more than 35 years of service: Rosario Perera Suaste, Leydi Lara Casanova, and Silvia Yolanda Medina Manrique, who expressed their gratitude for these annual meetings, which this year are being resumed in a 100% presential form. The moderator was Celsa Caamal Chan, head of the Maya Language and Culture Department.

The speakers spoke about the topic and shared their experiences, challenges, and stories about the development of this field of education in the state.

The indigenous education department provides 110 early education services, 276 preschools, and 144 bilingual elementary schools, serving a total of 36,621 students at the three educational levels, distributed in different schools in the six regions: Maxcanú, Ticul, Sotuta, Peto, Valladolid, and Tizimín.

“If children learn through their first language and their culture, they will learn life tools with love,” said Chel Ucán, who emphasized that his department coordinates two programs to strengthen the Mayan language: “Ko’one’ex Kanik maya” (Let’s learn Maya) and “Xooknen tin wéetel” (Read and write with me), the first aims to teach the Yucatecan native language in general elementary schools and the second, to teach literacy to Maya speakers in indigenous communities; both programs serve a total of 11, 481 beneficiaries.

He invited the school principals, teachers, supervisors, sector heads and authorities present to reflect on how to continue providing education with excellence in every corner of our state with respect and pride for the native language.

In her opportunity, the General Director of Basic Education, extended her gratitude and recognition of the head of the Segey, Liborio Vidal Aguilar to the teachers who paved the way and continue with their valuable work every day in front of the group. She expressed her admiration for the vocation and commitment of the teachers who develop diverse strategies, activities and didactic materials with which they complement the teaching of the Mayan language.

Indigenous Education was created to provide intercultural bilingual education at the Early Education, Preschool and Primary levels, based on their socio-cultural references, to strengthen the identity and development of the native peoples. It began in 1964 with an enrollment of 375 students in the communities of Petulillo, Yaxche, Caxaytuk, Corral, Mahas, Sisbic, San Gaspar in the municipalities of Peto, Tzucacab, Chikindzonot, Tixmehuac and Tekax.


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