Salsas “El Yucateco” the true flavor of Chile Habanero

The authentic flavor of Yucatán.

Founded in 1968 and established in the Yucatan Peninsula, El Yucateco is a pioneer in the production and export of habanero chile hot sauces, as well as a variety of traditional Mexican condiments.

Its products are consumed mainly in Mexico and the United States, countries where “El Yucateco” has national distribution centers, their products are recognized in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. The Habanero Pepper Industry is recognized worldwide, and the brand is committed to creating products with the highest quality.

Don Priamo J. Gamboa founded El Yucateco and began creating his wonderful artisan sauces and condiments in 1968. His vision was to share his family’s “salsas” recipes that highlighted and showcased the authentic flavor of Yucatan. 

To maintain the unique flavor and premium quality of the sauces, the spices, habanero peppers, and “secret” ingredients had to be grown on the family farm, so they could be picked at their perfect at the perfect point in time, and packaged on site to ensure optimum freshness.

Over the years, the brand’s sauces have grown to become not only the benchmark for quality, taste, and presentation in the industry but also the #1 Habanero sauce in the United States with national distribution and total brand recognition in the marketplace. 

Blending the rich flavor with the famous “spiciness” of the bell pepper, El Yucateco sauces are unique because they are not vinegar-based and do not use extracts to increase the “Picante” of their sauces, allowing us to maintain the true and unique flavor of the habanero bell pepper.


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