Private schools in Yucatán continue to require the use of face masks

FILE PHOTO: A child receives hand sanitizer while arriving at the Ignacio Zaragoza elementary school as Mexico City's authorities resumed in-person classes today after a downward trend in the number of infections and hospitalisations of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Mexico City, Mexico June 7, 2021. REUTERS/Luis Cortes/File PhotoREUTERS

The masks will continue to be used for at least 15 more days.

The Mexican Association of Private Schools of Yucatán A.C. (Asociación Mexicana de Escuelas Particulares de Yucatán A.C., Amepac) reported that they will maintain the use of masks for students, teachers and parents, at least for the next two weeks of this month, while the indicators of the coronavirus pandemic are under greater control. 

On the subject, the president of Amepac, Elías Dájer Fadel, pointed out that although it is true that in the last update of the protocol for the safe return to classes, the educational authorities decreed that the use of mouth covers would no longer be obligatory in the classrooms, it was also clarified that the decision of each school community would be respected.

In this way, and by the consultation that the private schools carried out with their health committee, the decision was made to extend the use of the mask at least until the first half of October and after that, its use will be gradually withdrawn, once there is greater security on the part of the parents.

“As happened when we returned to on-site classes, the association recommended to its members that each one of the school communities decide what they wanted to do, in the decision of the parents and the school administrations, which is why it was recommended to use the mouth cover for two more weeks,” he noted. 

However, he specified that each of the more than 240 schools that make up the association are free to choose how they want to handle this measure, according to what was indicated by the Secretary of Education of the State Government (Secretaría de Educación del Gobierno del Estado, Segey), since it has been seen that the incidences of the disease are already very low.

He stressed that the filters of co-responsibility, which are home, school and classroom, are maintained in the schools, as well as the other measures that had been established in the protocol.

Finally, he indicated that classes are no longer suspended, but as soon as a case of Covid-19 is detected, the patient will have to be kept at home until the symptoms disappear.

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