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Police sell weaponry to Jalisco Cartel

by Yucatan Times
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Reports hacked by Guacamaya reveal that the police officer identified by Navy intelligence, who is on his trail, operates in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. Together with a woman who is his romantic partner, he supplies criminal groups with weapons for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces, ammunition and tactical equipment, the origin of which is unknown. Güerito, his supplier, has links to members of the CJNG in several states.

(Excelsior).- The “technical follow-up” to the policeman revealed that he uses WhatsApp to show his arsenal. He is also linked to the robbery of cargo transport in Jalisco.

On June 29, in a phone call, he confided to his partner that he sold bullets for 42,000 pesos per thousand, so he asked his supplier for more.

He also said he sold an AK-47 and a .380 caliber pistol. In another conversation, on July 9, he said that he would receive semi-automatic rifles with holographic sights, two magazines, and boxes of cartridges for 58,000 pesos, “guaranteed and they can be registered”. Also that day, he invited a man to accompany him to deliver “14 vests with four letters” (possibly CJNG) and uniforms.

Surveillance has identified four other people linked to the police officer in the purchase and sale of weapons to criminal groups: Carlos and Jefe Poncho (buyers), an unidentified man (HNI, a possible supplier), and Raul (a collaborator of Jefe Poncho). Meanwhile, for the auto transport robbery, he maintains links with an unidentified individual, who provides the “personnel” to carry out the robberies, as well as two men with the nicknames of Gordonio and Chapala.

The technical follow-up to the agent revealed that he uses WhatsApp groups to show the catalog of weapons and ammunition, as well as the prices. He delivers the merchandise in commercial plazas and branches of fast food chains in the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

On June 22, he informed via telephone an interlocutor that he was outside his house to pick up the (gun) sights, and a box of .380 caliber cartridges, and promised to transfer “the 850” to him. That same day, a subject asked him to “contact Jorge” to send him photographs of a Chinese pistol, .22 caliber, which cost four thousand pesos.

Six days later, the police trafficker reveals to an interlocutor that he has a contact “in charge of placing the GPS in the cargo vehicles of a company (possibly cigarettes) and that he notifies him when the trucks leave with “babysitters” (security). The other subject claims to have people to do the job and recommends “tying them up” at the Tlajomulco turnoff to Morelia, because it is a point with no security cameras nearby.

His partner is his accomplice

The next day, the uniformed man told his partner that he sold all the “40” cartridges for 42,000 pesos per thousand and that he got them for 32,000 pesos, so he told his supplier to bring him two thousand more. He also said that he sold an AK47 and a .380 caliber pistol and made an extra profit of two thousand pesos.

In other conversations with the woman, he tells her that he sold Glock pistol magazines for 2,500 pesos and he only has 90 left; she tells him that he already had “paper” (money) for all the material, a total of 65,000 pesos.

On July 7, he revealed to his partner that he had been offered a bajadrones, “a long gun with which you can aim at the drone and inhibit it. He suggested offering it to El Pariente. He added that he has boxes of 50 rounds of .223 caliber, Aguila brand, with a green tip. The price is 1,300 and he said he has about 300 cartridges. Also, on Saturday (July 9) he would receive semi-automatic long rifles with holographic sights, as well as two magazines and boxes of cartridges at 58,000 pesos, “guaranteed and can be registered“.

Later that day, a man offered him a Pietro Beretta PX4 pistol, caliber 9 millimeters, for 37,000 pesos. He invited his interlocutor to accompany him on Saturday the 9th to deliver in the municipality of San Miguel El Alto, Jalisco, “a 39”, since he would be carrying 14 vests with four letters (possibly CJNG) and uniforms. He explained that he will give them to a woman, “who will take them to the guys there.”

On July 8, a man confirmed that he would assemble “the devices” (semi-automatic long arms) and send him photographs, but pointed out that two of them have holographic laser sights. He suggested that he try to get them to buy everything at once and even offer “the goat (AK-47) that nobody wants.

The agent replied that his client, when he catches him, “usually buys everything from him.”

Military intelligence has located the police trafficker, who lives in El Salto, Jalisco, although he usually moves around the area near the Guadalajara Country Club.

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