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Overlooked features and elements of customer onboarding software

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Often, a user’s initial impression of your software is the most memorable one. Successful SaaS businesses are built or broken by their customer onboarding software. A customer-centric company should always look for ways to improve the user experience. Customers are picky and fickle, so it’s crucial to keep them satisfied and interested in your offerings if you want to maintain a high customer retention rate. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to onboarding software, there are measures you can do to reduce churn and maintain as little friction as possible. This article discusses some of the most crucial elements and features that any customer onboarding software should have to be successful and grow quickly.

Instructions for First-Time Users:

Welcome the user and describe the product’s function as the first step. What features are most notable? How much can a buyer trust your product? This presentation often employs pop-ups or overlays with three to five slides. That pop-up can include a short video introduction and a series of slides outlining the most important aspects of the service. Making sure that your most valuable features are front and center means that new customers will be able to see them and use them immediately. After initial training, many users need help recognizing or using the product’s most valuable features. Therefore, you need to avoid doing that.

Making Use of Technology to Automate Procedures:

Members of today’s tech-savvy workforce have had access to a gadget since birth and will have extremely high expectations for their first encounter with the organization. Having your new hires rush around the office to sign their paperwork is a way to dampen their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the job. 

Effective employee onboarding software should use workflow automation to bring together the many departments involved in the process. By computerizing the onboarding procedure, HR can monitor it as it goes from one office to another. By eliminating manual processes, automatically forwarding the application to the next person in the workflow, and sending automated reminders to keep stakeholders on track, automated workflows ensure that every stage of the process is carried out precisely and consistently.

White Label platform:

Customers will build an opinion of your business based on the efficacy of your training portal. Customers will have a negative first impression if the platform is based on old technology or aligns differently with your brand’s look. If you have an app and a website, ensure they are consistent with one another and your brand. The ability to quickly and easily incorporate custom HTML and CSS is essential for producing designs that stand out and captivate users.

Walk Us Through It:

A walkthrough is on your list of to-dos. Throughout a user’s interaction with your product, they may encounter walkthroughs in a number of different situations. A single login is not required. Navigation, finding your way around, interacting with features, and finishing simple tasks are all examples of fundamental functions that can be demonstrated during a tour. A good walkthrough explains how to complete a task from start to finish.


Despite advances in processing power, onboarding has yet to progress beyond a digital checklist. Including some game components in the onboarding process makes it more interesting and engaging. Using digital technologies to “gamify” the onboarding process boost engagement. Adding gamification features like levels and tasks can spice up an otherwise mundane onboarding process. Make the onboarding process more like a quest by giving new hires a set of tasks they must complete before moving on. You can monitor their performance like a treasure hunt, even if they think they’re viewing a training video.

How to Put Your Insights to Use:

A business needs many things to succeed, but a robust analytical foundation is among them. Analyzing how people interact with digital tools is just as important as collecting data; thus, both must be built into digital solutions. A more data-driven approach by a business is correlated with a more variety of clients. In addition, analytics may show you which areas of your product or service are causing customers the most frustration. The user interface should be easy enough that everyone can use it. For them to succeed, their program must provide clear instructions.

Auto-Generation of Content:

Training of a professional standard should be available on demand, not just during scheduled live events like webinars and one-on-one sessions. While it’s true that you can find several high-quality content creation tools online, your time and effort could be better spent if your customer learning platform already featured this capability. With the help of an integrated content creation tool that uses various forms of integrated content and page types, such as quizzes and evaluations, you can make modifications rapidly. Adding social collaboration tools like discussion boards, teacher comments, and webcam video responses is also important to help clients feel more at ease. 


New customer onboarding is performed at the beginning of the customer journey and is, therefore, very important since it sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. Another perk of a well-executed client onboarding plan is keeping the ones you already have. Getting customers up and running with your product begins the customer onboarding process. The goal of the onboarding process should be to ensure that the customer can use the product over the long-term effects.

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Emilia January 23, 2023 - 5:21 am

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