Neighborhoods demand that Merida’s City Hall attend to a complaint against a bar

Around thirty residents whose properties adjoin the restaurant “Las Tóxicas”, located on Calle 65 (between 26th and 28th Streets) in the Cortés Sarmiento neighborhood, where they have to put up with lud noise and drunk people every day due to the irregular operation of this nightclub.

According to local residents, the site carries out its activities without a land use permit, with loud music at night until three in the morning, and without respecting the hours of operation for this type of business.

For more than a year the residents of the area have been putting up with this situation, they have filed complaints with the Mérida City Hall for the operation of the place where prostitution is allegedly practiced and the scandal it generates every night with live music, without the least respect and consideration for the neighborhood and operating outside of the permitted hours.

Mr. Carlos Perera Alcocer, on behalf of the complainants, explained that since March of this year they have sent letters to the Urban Development Department to denounce this situation.

The municipal authority has responded that, in fact, the place lacks land use permits and that, according to the inspectors sent to measure the noise, it far exceeds the tolerable limits for this type of business.

The place continues to operate with total impunity and some claim that it is under the protection of a very influential political figure who is covering up its operation.

The non-conformists presented copies of the writings presented to the City Hall and the answers issued by the Urban Development Department, which confirm what the residents denounce, they anticipate closures and cessation of operations, but in fact, this never happens.

The business has a metal gate at the back that leads out to 14th Street and 27th Street of the Jardines Miraflores subdivision, which is used to allow the late-night customers to continue the party and then leave through this site to give the appearance, on the front of the building, that the place is already closed.

The non-conformists called on the Merida society to show solidarity with them in the face of the inaction of the authorities, pressuring them by all possible means to do their job and comply with the regulations governing the operation of places like this one.

TYT Newsroom