Merida is ready for Noche Blanca

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Merida

Mérida celebrates its Noche Blanca two times every year since July 2013. The famous White Night brings together the Yucatecan people on an unforgettable, art and cultural reset, where you’ll be able to get to know Mérida like never before. The event is presented by the Ayuntamiento de Mérida, offering a great variety of cultural events such as theatre, music, visual art, plastic arts, dancing, gastronomy and many others.

This tradition was born very far away from Yucatán, the concept dates back to Paris in 2002, where they created a cultural activities program to be presented for only one night. Throughout the years, this idea has been consolidated and has become an annual must-attend event.

Now it does have some requirements such as:

  • All activities must be free of charge
  • They need to be open to everyone
  • The activities should be preferably environmentally sustainable

This fantastic celebration first began being shared on the European continent, although since then other cities have adopted this idea. These initiatives have an important impact on society in general, in the media, and therefore on the image projected of the municipality. Therefore, many localities carry out La Noche Blanca, also known as La Noche en Blanco, in a themed way, based on the city’s own city marketing strategy. For this reason, the Noche Blanca has become a globally recognizable brand that serves as a way for cities to demonstrate to all visitors what they are capable of.

Rome itself has been one of those cities that has periodically decorated to live its white night, in which museums, exhibitions and galleries open their doors and, in every street, or square you can enjoy concerts and activities. Its monuments are illuminated with colored lights to welcome the whole city and visitors.

The concept has gradually spread to many other cities, even outside Europe: in La Floresta, Uruguay, the first Noche Blanca was held in South America. Its purpose is to bring together the best of each city’s culture.

Mérida is the first Mexican city and the only one that so far organizes this cultural activity, whose editions have been a total success thanks to the citizen participation, avid of art and culture; and also due to the collaboration with institutions that with their offer allow recovering of the regional economy, which has been so affected after two years of the pandemic.

Thankfully we have had the opportunity to experience this magnificent night in which for six hours we’re able to experience the unexplainable taste of the Yucatecan cuisine, along with other flavors from around the world, interacting with museums, art galleries, music exhibitions as well as many new experiences that are welcomed every time. Surprisingly enough, during this period, an average of 40,000 cultural experiences are provided by local citizens who select the art and culture of their choice from an offer of more than 150 free events throughout the historic center of the city.

Bringing new life to the Centro Histórico, making its assets visible, encouraging the playful and peaceful use of public space, and of course, engaging visitors in a way that focuses on peace. La Noche Blanca Meridiana was created thanks to the sum of international experiences and local conditions and with the participation of diverse social and cultural actors and new ventures.

Today, “La Noche Blanca” is a registered trademark of the City Hall of Mérida, Yucatán, and allows all social sectors to tour the historic center in a 100% family atmosphere.

Do not miss out on this marvelous event this October 21st and 22nd!

By Sofía Navarro.

TYT Newsroom