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Mauricio Vila inaugurates the video mapping show “Pasos de Luz” at the Dzibilchaltún archaeological site

by Yucatan Times
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Yucatán adds to its offer a new tourist product for the arrival of more visitors, after Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal inaugurated the videomapping “Pasos de luz” in the Dzibilchaltún archaeological site, a show that, through light and sound technology, promotes the beauty and artistic and cultural splendor of the Mayan region.

Accompanied by the head of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Yucatán, José Arturo Chab Cárdenas, the Governor inaugurated this new project, which consists of a night tour with 7 stations that, through the use of audio and lighting, gives an innovative face to the archaeological destination offering Yucatecan families and tourism a different experience to learn more about the Maya and what this settlement represented.

In this context, Vila Dosal conducted the tour, which will be open to the public starting tomorrow from 8 to 10 pm, which begins with a warm welcome and then continues with explanations of what Dzibilchaltún meant for the Maya civilization, the stone writing that was found, the colonization and even the impact of the meteorite and its effects.

Addressing a message, the Governor affirmed that this project is designed to boost Yucatán’s Tourism Development, since tourism is an activity that generates jobs throughout the state territory for Yucatecan families.

“In this administration we want jobs to reach every corner of Yucatán, that is why we are betting on tourism because we have haciendas, cenotes, archaeological sites and an extensive coastline, which are spread throughout the state, and this activity is a tool to bring jobs to each one of them,” he said.

For this reason, Vila Dosal emphasized that in coordinated work with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) we are working to bring more tourists to projects such as this and the new videomapping of Uxmal, which was recently inaugurated with the use of new technologies, without leaving aside the protection and conservation of the legacy left to us by the Maya.

As part of the sound and light show, there is a tour of the 7 stations, which are the Sacbé welcome tree, the pyramid, the central plaza, the Xlacah cenote, the Sacbé, the Temple of the 7 Dolls and the Mayan village.

In this project 9 projectors with laser technology are used, in addition to more than 100 lamps that illuminate the paths and give life to the trees. The script was written by Yucatecan archaeologists and supervised and authorized by the archaeological council of INAH.

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