Man knocks down assailant with one blow (Watch Video)

Image: YouTube

A video circulates on social networks of a man in Brazil who neutralizes an alleged assailant with a withering blow. The events were captured on video by a surveillance camera.

In the footage you can see a worker who rings the doorbell of a home. A few seconds later, another subject approaches him and appears to be trying to take his cell phone from him.

From the way he addresses the young man, the alleged assailant gives the impression of being under the influence of some toxic substance. It is also inferred that he might be armed, as he hides his left hand in his pocket.

The subject with the clipboard, however, is not intimidated and deals a hard blow directly to the jaw, which knocks his assailant to the ground.

After knocking out his opponent, the man checks the assailant’s pockets, makes a call and presses the doorbell again.

According to some international media, the alleged assailant would have lost his life as a result of the impact. At the end of the video, it is possible to see that the thief is bleeding from the head.

Users on social networks applauded the victim’s reaction and pointed out that the video absolves him of guilt, since he would have acted in self-defense.

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