Man accused of stealing pets and bicycles detained by police in Kanasín

Police officers from the Kanasín municipal police arrested José Rubén M.V., 30 years old, on alleged responsibility for stealing pets in several neighborhoods in the municipality and for attempted theft of a bicycle in Colonia Reparto Granjas.

A report was received on social networks regarding a man who was stealing pets from some properties, as evidenced by security cameras. The subject had also been identified by some people.

This subject was also stalking properties in an attempt to steal, so a report was received from a resident living on 42nd Street between 57th and 59th Streets in Kanasin’s Colonia Reparto Granjas, reporting that a man wearing a blue shirt, blue shorts, and an orange cap entered her property and tried to steal a bicycle but fled the scene when he was caught stealing.

Agents of the Municipal Police mounted an operation to find the alleged thief, who was located blocks ahead of where the events occurred. He was caught, identified, and arrested, but not before becoming aggressive.