In Merida, students protest at UADY’s Law School

Students shouting “out Rivero”, “Where is Macedonio” and “Justice for Glendy” were heard in the protest that students of the Uady Law School held in support of a professor who was allegedly held against her will, verbally assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the administrative secretary of the institution, Jorge Eduardo Rivero Aguilar.

(Diario de Yucatán).- The victim, Glendy Aguilar Mena, filed a complaint to activate the Gender Protocol of the UADY, but found that her case did not proceed, after waiting more than a month since she filed the complaint before the university authorities.

When the Law students found out about the case, they decided to hold two protests to support the professor, whom they consider a good academic, and to demand justice.

The complainants point out that they want to study in an institution where they feel safe and secure, and where their rights are respected.

Law School Director refuses to listen to students

For this reason, today in the morning they held a first protest with the students of the morning shift, and although the director of the Faculty, Carlos Alberto Macedonio Hernandez, came out to show his face, he refused to listen to the petition of the complainants and only gave a few interviews to the press.

In the afternoon, during the protest in the afternoon shift, it was said that the director had already left, but even so, the students went up to the second floor of the campus, where the director’s office is located, to shout slogans and demand justice for the teacher.

The students carried signs demanding the activation of the University’s Gender Protocol.

Harassment case at UADY

The affected woman, who was at the protest and thanked the young people for their support, indicated that the administrative secretary of the institution locked her in his private room for 25 to 30 minutes, abusing his hierarchical position, with a verbally and psychologically intimidating position and threatening not to renew her employment contract, which expires in December.

Given the situation, she decided to file a complaint to activate the Gender Protocol of the Uady, but only caused a second intimidation, this time by the director of the Faculty, Macedonio Hernández, and the administrative secretary, Lucely Solís Carballo, who instead of supporting her, questioned her about her complaint and justified the aggressor’s conduct, because he was elderly and ill.

A few days ago, without receiving written notification, they simply summoned her to a private place to tell her that her complaint did not proceed.

In this way, the students consider that the teacher is being revictimized, so they decided to carry out protests to demand justice for Glendy Aguilar.

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