Guardaparques: More surveillance at Merida’s parks

The agents monitor 52 parks and public spaces in Merida.

“The technical and human capacity building actions part of the Guadarparques program have yielded positive results among citizens, as the rate of petty crimes and citizen reports has decreased by about 30% in recent months,” said the technical secretary (“Secretario Técnico”), Benjamín Millet Molina.

He recalled that about a month ago, new agents were added to expand the coverage of formal surveillance and all day in public spaces, so now there are 52 parks and 120 parks with patrols.

He acknowledged that the citizens trust the elements and respect the indications they give them, in order to maintain harmony and security in the parks of Merida.

“These 30 new elements that came in are already in the parks, we are already covering some new parks we are doing very well, because the incidences of alcoholism and petty theft have decreased, and people and neighbors in the area are very happy,” he said.

Millet Molina considered that the presence of the Guardaparques helps to prevent people from making improper use of the spaces, as some used to consume alcoholic beverages and this led to other conflicts.

In addition, he said, there is constant communication via radio with the Secretariat of Public Safety ( Secretaría de Seguridad Pública, SSP) and with the Municipal Police Department (Dirección de Policía Municipal), so that in the event of any incident, the corresponding authority is notified.

“We do not have weapons, but we do have very good communication and coordination with the authorities who make the corresponding arrests in any situation or incident that arises,” he stressed.

Regarding the remainder of the year, said the municipal official, there will not be another call for personnel hiring, since the established goal has already been met, but it is expected to be for January 2023, when the new call will be issued.

It is foreseen, he continued, that there will be between 50 to 70 new Guardaparques for next year.
“I believe that for the rest of the year we are not going to call for more park rangers, we are waiting for next year, I believe that as of December, on the instructions of Mayor Renan Barrera, we are going to add 50 to 70 more agents”, he added.

TYT Newsroom