Guacamaya Leaks reveals drug cartels presence in Yucatan

SEDENA recognizes that the geographical location of Yucatan makes the State a strategic region for criminal structures.

Confidential reports that are part of the emails obtained by the group Guacamaya Leaks confirm that the southeast of Mexico is plagued by the struggles of criminal groups for the transfer and sales of drugs, and Yucatan is no exception.

In the reports, SEDENA acknowledges that the geographical location of Yucatan makes the State a strategic area for criminal structures involved in drug trafficking and illegal human trafficking, coming from Central, South America, and the Caribbean.

The National Defense Secretariat SEDENA affirms that the Pacific Cartel operates in Panabá and Tizimín, and is headed by Roberto Nájera Gutiérrez, “La Gallina” (arrested in 2017), who operates through Arturo Becerra Ancona “El Borrego”.

In addition, the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) is present in Progreso and Mérida, led by an individual known as “Enzo” and/or “Chino”, and focuses its activity on illicit exports of fine wood, “without ruling out that they could be importing chemical substances for manufacturing of synthetic drugs or running landing strips for drug transfer”.

The La Familia Epitacio cell, headed by Nicasio Epitacio José, has also a presence in Mérida, Progreso, and Kanasín, as revealed by Guacamaya.

Drug trafficking in Progreso

But it is noteworthy that this statement, made at a press conference, went almost unnoticed: the official denounced serious drug trafficking in the middle of Progreso maritime custom, surely carried out for years, with the usual money laundering, the opening of front companies and the purchase of phantom invoices, an activity in which  Yucatan occupied the first places in the country».

“It will be interesting to follow what happened with the  arrest warrants  against  Calderón León  and the  progressive businessman, because they could be the tip of  something much more serious, involving not only local businessmen, but also foreigners and  Mexican officials “

Things must be so entangled that  Andrés Manuel  López Obrador ‘s team has responded with the militarization of customs and port administration, says Ratti Fernández.

Indeed, since the first days of this month, the new administrator of the  Progreso Customs is Rear Admiral Armando Caballero Vázquez and the general direction of the  Comprehensive Port Administration is in charge of  Vice Admiral  Jorge Carlos Tobilla Rodríguez.

“It is clear that the civilians could not with that package. Hopefully, the military will eradicate corruption and document the black and hidden history of the port and customs of Progreso ”, Víctor Ratti concluded.


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