Great affluence in Merida’s markets for the Day of the Dead festivities

close up photo of painted skulls
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The “Lucas de Gálvez” and “San Benito” downtown markets have registered a large influx of people shopping for the celebration of the faithful departed. From very early in the morning many people could be seen buying banana leaves, xpelón, tomato, onion, chicken and pork meat, lard and other ingredients to cook Hanal Pixán and place the altar to receive the “visit” of the souls.

The merchants indicated that as the date approaches there will be a greater influx of buyers; they affirmed that the supplies for the pibes have risen in cost and although they do not wish to increase them, they also acquire them at high prices from their suppliers.

On the other hand, due to the activities in the schools to preserve the tradition of the faithful departed, the sale of marzipan, pepita, coconut, calaveritas, as well as cocoyol, plum, pumpkin, papaya, sweet potato, among others, has increased in the last few days.

The vendors estimate that on the eve of the Day of the Dead there has been an increase of 40%, so it is estimated that this year there will be a good income for the sellers of these products.

Gabriel Baquedano, who has been offering seasonal candies at “Lucas de Gálvez” for more than 10 years, said that last year they did not do badly, but now with the altar displays in the schools they have had a significant increase in sales. He considered that although prices increased by 30% at retail, this will not be reflected in the pockets of buyers.

“Prices range from three pieces for 15 Mexican pesos; the large skulls cost between 500 and 600 Mexican pesos, there is something for all tastes and pockets,” said Gabriel.

He stated that the combination of Day of the Dead traditions from other states with Hanal Pixán has diversified the demand for sweets, but the ones most purchased by Yucatecans are those made of marzipan, yucca, sweet potato, pumpkin, plum, cocoyol and plum, among others.

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