Festival de las Animas has begun to honor those gone but not forgotten

Día de muertos, Mérida Yuc.

The director of economic development of the Mérida City Hall announced that last Monday, October 24, was the start of the Festival of the Souls, which included more than 25 events to commemorate those who have passed away.

“The festival is important as it is to remember the most important thing, which are the people who have gone before us along the way, and that is why there will be a series of cultural exhibitions.”

In addition, it has the objective of generating an important economic benefit in the neighborhoods and in the historic center, where this event will take place, which is a joint effort between the different departments of the city council.

“Today is the start of the Festival of Souls, we must remember that the Festival of Souls is an organization of different directions that in the end are putting their grain of sand so that we can for a whole week to maintain the attention of visitors,” he said.

Martinez Semerena emphasized that the events organized by the city council have had a great affluence, such is the case of the white night, which gathered more than 60 thousand people.

“They have been extraordinary numbers, we had more than 10 thousand visitors only in the panucho fair, in the case of the white night, we are talking about more than 60 thousand attendees,” he mentioned.

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