Do you dare to visit Misnebalam, Yucatán’s ghost town?

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Misnebalam is part of the “Ghost Route”, a tourist route in Yucatán, which you must visit if you decide to visit Mérida during the Day of the Dead festivities.

(UNOtv).- About a century ago, this town was a henequen hacienda and the workers who made up the population lived around it.

By 1930 the community began to be abandoned after the henequen industry declined. In 2005, the town was declared with zero population.

In the middle of nowhere, the remains of this hacienda stand imposing. History, legends and even paranormal events are “kept” in the walls of the buildings of this place, which is in total solitude.

It is located 14 kilometers from Mérida, and in recent years has unleashed various urban legends and has become the site of alleged paranormal acts.

Residents of Xcunyá, a nearby commissary, claim that it is “haunted” and that one of the reasons for its abandonment is because it is not possible to work there.

In order to visit this mystical and ghostly place, there are two ways of arriving.

If you want to go on your own, take the Mérida-Progreso highway, and at kilometer 17 you will find a turnoff. You will have to drive 5 kilometers along a dirt road until you reach the site.

The other is to get to the Xcunya community, where you can buy tickets to take the night bike tour that takes you to Misnebalam.

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