Disturbance in the Pacific could mean bad weather for Mexico

NOAA is tracking a disturbance in the eastern Pacific that could become the season’s next tropical cyclone and deliver impacts to the Mexican coastline.

The National Hurricane Center has given the disturbance a high chance of development and has labeled the system as Invest 90E.

An invest is simply a naming convention used by the NHC to identify an area of weather that it is investigating for possible development into a tropical depression or tropical storm within the next five days.

Forecast models show once the system gains a center of circulation, the organization could become rapid as the future cyclone parallels the southwestern coast of Mexico.

Once sustained winds reach at least 39 mph, the system would be given the name “Roslyn.”

Depending on how close the cyclone forms offshore, rains and waves could be significant for areas south of Puerto Vallarta.

“Roslyn” would be the nineteenth named storm of the season in the busy eastern Pacific.

Nine of the named storm strengthened into hurricanes with three reaching major Category 3 status with winds of at least 115 mph.

The Atlantic basin remains quiet, with no tropical cyclone development expected within the next five days.

The hurricane seasons in both the eastern Pacific and Atlantic basins run through November 30.

Pacific Tropical Cyclone Names
Pacific Tropical Cyclone Names