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Dinosaurs take over Progreso!

by Yucatan Times
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A journey back millions of years is waiting for you here in Progreso.

The meteorite museum in Progreso has opened its doors, we had the opportunity to live this wonderful experience, we tell you all about it here!

I finally had the opportunity to visit the meteorite museum and it is without a doubt a journey through 14 million years of history right over the region where, according to theory, the meteorite that caused one of the great extinctions of the planet, that of the dinosaurs, crashed.

The museum opened its doors on August 9 of this year and is a space with eight rooms that tell the story of the major extinction caused by the Chicxulub’s meteorite, named after its proximity with the town. It is believed that its arrival caused the extinction of large reptiles and dinosaurs and paved the way for the evolution of mammals.

You can explore life before, during and after the meteorite, finding original stones from the Cretaceous period (before the meteorite), as well as a video of what was the impact of the meteorite on the earth.

You will find various attractions and experiences such as:

  • Mappings
  • Virtual reality.
  • Digital tablets to design your own dinosaur.
  • Sound design in each room.
  • Robotic dinosaurs species such as tyrannosaurs, spinosaurs, dilophosaurus, triceraptor and triceratops.
  • Information about the different species.
  • Interaction with original specimens of the oldest rocks on record.
  • Fossil evidence of the first four extinctions of the planet.

*The tablets and virtual reality have an extra charge of $100 Mexican pesos.

Outside the museum you will find the sculptures of five enormous dinosaur species which are the Pliosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Quetzalcoatlus Nortrophi, Mosasaurus (marine reptile) and the parasaurolophus dinosaur.

Admission to the museum is free for residents of Progreso. The rest of the Yucatecans will pay $150 Mexican pesos, while national visitors will pay $250 Mexican pesos and foreigners $350 Mexican pesos.

The Museum will be open from 11:00 to 19:00 hours from Monday to Sunday, with an admission fee for children and seniors of $100 Mexican pesos.

I do recommend arriving early so you won’t have to wait in long lines. Now, on my experience, I decided to visit the museum on a Sunday, a very busy day for museums in general, which made my visit a bit unpleasant as there were too many people and many small children, however, I decided to visit it once again during the week and in the morning to be able to live the experience once again, but in a much more relaxed environment.

By Sofía Navarro.

TYT Newsroom

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