Despite the evidence, AMLO denies spying on critics and minimizes facts

AMLO, courtesy from Twitter

He claimed that his opponents seek to compare him with previous governments and accused his rivals of wanting “a scandal” to attack his administration.

After the report prepared by Animal Político, Proceso, Aristegui Noticias and the organization Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (R3D) was made public, which documents that in 2019 the Sedena bought spy software from the only company authorized in Mexico to sell the Pegasus program, the President assured that, if there is evidence, it should be presented to the Attorney General’s Office (Fiscalía General de la República, FGR).

In a press conference, he indicated that there are no elements in the investigation and that the Armed Forces carry out intelligence work to confront criminals, but not espionage.

” There is no truth that journalists or opponents are spied on, as we are not the same as before. It is not true. I made the commitment to ensure that no one was going to be spied on, no opponent. If they have proof, they should present it. I have been reading about this accusation and the truth is that there are no elements, we would not have to”, he said.

He indicated that the Army can give information today or tomorrow about the purchase of the software without any inconvenience, since “we have nothing to hide”.


Pese a pruebas, AMLO niega espionaje desde Sedena y minimiza hechos; acusa que es “un escándalo para perjudicarnos”. (2022, octubre 4). Animal Político.

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