CFE in controversy with the people of Xcobiacal, Yucatan

Residents of the Xcobiacal rural community are asking the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to send its personnel to solve a problem caused by an employee of the same company because they did not deposit the payment for electricity consumption in this community and now the company wants to charge them again.

(Diario Yucatán).- The complainants explained that the CFE commissioned Rosely I. to collect and deliver the money, but she was fired and did not deposit $2,014 of the last electric energy consumption of the drinking water pump.

In this regard, the municipal commissioner, Noé Armando Moo, explained that the users of this precinct do not want to pay again, as they consider it unfair because they complied with the payment and the ex-employee stole it.

For this reason, those affected are asking the CFE’s top management to intervene to solve this problem, since the company itself commissioned the woman to receive the money for the consumption.

He also indicated that the CFE accountant told them that the problem is complicated because the receipts are not stamped. “They had never asked us for a stamp, what is our fault, if we have been doing it as they’ve asked.

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