Canine and feline sterilization campaign 2022 announced

orange tabby cat beside fawn short coated puppy
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The Department of Vectors and Zoonosis of the Secretary of Health started on Monday, October 24th, a Canine and Feline Sterilization Campaign, given the increasing participation of citizens in the culture of responsible pet ownership, the goal is to reach 120 sterilization surgeries free of charge.

(Punto Medio).- To schedule an appointment you must go to the Vector and Zoonosis Department, located in the old “Álvaro Vidal Vera” Hospital, starting at 8:00 a.m., until the quota of 120 pets is filled. When the appointments run out, the agenda will be closed until the next campaign.

The objective of these actions is to avoid the overpopulation of dogs and cats and also to benefit people who, for economic reasons, find it difficult to take their pets to a private veterinarian for surgery.

The population is invited to follow the official publications on the Facebook page “Salud Campeche”, to find out about closings and openings of campaigns.

Dogs and cats can be sterilized from four months of age, as long as they are not pregnant, in heat, lactating, sick, or under treatment; they must have a fast of eight to twelve hours, be clean, free of fleas and ticks.

After surgery, the patients should be monitored and cleaned up daily, an Elizabethan collar should be placed to avoid irritation with the tongue, and sudden movements that could cause the wound to open should be avoided. The suture used for sterilization is absorbable, so it is not necessary to remove stitches.

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