A new tourist attraction was inaugurated in Tekax: “Callejón de los Murales”

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal attended the inauguration of El Callejón de los Murales in Tekax, Yucatan.

On Wednesday, October 18, a new tourist attraction was inaugurated in Tekax, Yucatan. It is called the “Alley of the Murals”, where the colors of Yucatan are captured through 10 murals.

The Callejón de los Murales represents the culture and history of Tekax and now together with “La Ermita”, a chapel built in 1645, that town has more attractions for visitors.

The Hermitage
The Hermitage is located in the center of Tekax on a hill 80 meters high, considered a wonderful viewpoint, where you have a unique and panoramic view of the municipality, from where you can appreciate the extension of the territory of green mountains, in addition to having with picnic areas.

While the Callejón de los Murales is located in the heart of Tekax, where there are 10 murals that are the creations of talented young artists from municipalities such as Tekax, Oxkutzcab, the neighboring state of Campeche and other parts of the Mexican Republic.

The artists made illustrations about jaranera dancers, customs and traditions, caves, fabrics and fruits, Trova music, aluxes and the tree of life.

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