Yucatan is the state of the country where its inhabitants feel safer: INEGI

Image: INEGI

Yucatecans considered that they live in a safe state, according to the National Survey of Victimization and Perception of Public Security 2022, which positioned Yucatán as the state where the population feels calmer, which confirms that the security strategy and actions implemented by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal in the state yield good results.

INEGI (Mérida, Yucatán, September 12, 2022).- In this report, it was observed that 68.5% of the population has a perception of security in the state, a figure three times higher than that registered at the national level of 22.5%, as a result of the efforts made by society and the State Government to preserve levels of peace in the state.

Similarly, 73.5% of Yucatecans indicated that they trust the state police, a figure that is higher than that registered at the national level of 56.2% and that placed Yucatan in second place with the highest confidence in the state security corporation.

On the other hand, Yucatan registered that 71.2% of the people trust the Public Ministry and State Attorney General’s Offices, a figure higher than that registered at the national level of 55.9%, which is why it is among the three Mexican states that register the greatest trust in this institution.

In the same sense, 64.1% of the population in the state declared that the State Attorney General’s Office is effective, a percentage higher than the national value, which was 53.3%, which placed this instance among the first four at the national level in effectiveness ranking.

With a strong boost to the equipment of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), the installation of more cameras, constant training of the police force, and maintaining teamwork between Government and society, the Government of Mauricio Vila Dosal reaffirms its commitment not only to preserve but also to increase security rates to offer a better quality of life to Yucatecan families.

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