“Xmatkuil”, Yucatán’s famous fair is back this year!

This 2022, Merida welcomes back the famous “fair for everyone”. After two years without not being realized due to Covid-19, we are finally getting back to our Yucatecan traditional fair.

This year we can expect numerous events, and cultural and musical concerts, in addition to the very long-awaited mechanical attractions.

After no activity in 2020 and 2021, Xmatkuil will keep its traditional attractions such as the cattle fair, shopping, dancing, and concert areas, as well as the famous Coca-Cola Castle for a theatrical experience and of course the traditional Teatro del Pueblo.

This festivity is one of the most emblematic Yucatecan traditions since it combines every popular tradition of the state, portraying the identity and the culture of our people.

It starts every November and ends in December, it had never been suspended until the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, so we can expect its normal opening date to keep its tradition. Despite not having an established date to open, Governor Vila has stated plenty of times that we will get back our town fair this year.

Stay tuned for the exact date of this unmissable event!

TYT Newsroom