Worker dead after falling from a dome at the Xmatkuil fairgrounds

Photo: YI

On Friday, September 23rd, a worker, identified as Juan Mauro C. del B., lost his life in a Mérida hospital, where he was admitted after falling from the highest part of a dome that was built on the site of the Xmatkuil fairgrounds.

MÉRIDA, Yuc., September 24, 2022.- According to data obtained, the worker was working in the highest part of the dome when he slipped and fell from a height of approximately eight meters.

After the fall, the man suffered serious injuries and severe head trauma, for which he was rushed to a hospital aboard the SSP ambulance Y-29, where he finally died hours later.

The state security authorities are already investigating the fact since unofficially it has been said that the worker did not have adequate security equipment to carry out that type of work.

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