Visit the amazing Cenote Caliskutz

This magnificent place is located in Homun, approximately a 60-minute drive from Merida, a town that is currently known as the mecca of the cenotes for having records of a large number of cenotes, caves, and archaeological sites that keep the traditional stories of the Mayan culture.

Its entrance is marked with walls around a beautiful alamo tree that welcomes you to this magical place.

Once you get there, to enter the cenote you will have to climb down a hole and go down some wooden stairs that’ll take you to a diving area as well as a platform to enter the fresh waters of this place.

The walls are completely white covered by stalactites hanging from the ceiling. It has the most amazing green crystalline waters that allow you to see the depth of the cenote, don’t forget to spot the little black catfish that swim around the place.

The entrance fee which is $70 Mexican pesos includes a life jacket, don’t forget to bring a bathing suit, towel, waterproof case, as well as food and water.

Discover these natural wonders, creating a wonderful adventure experience.

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