Under renovation 50 health centers in Yucatan

Photo: YAM

In the remainder of the year and in 2023, more than 60 million pesos will be allocated to the 50 Health Centers (Centros de Salud) across the state.

The Government of Yucatan began the remodeling work of the 50 health centers in the interior of the State, with a budget of more than 60 million pesos, according to the head of the Yucatan Ministry of Health, Mauricio Sauri Vivas Sauri, who added that said project will be developed during this and the following year.

Sauri Vivas explained that these renovations seek to reinforce areas of care such as maternal care and others.

Vivas Sauri declared: “One of the most important issues for Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal is health and that is why we are making a significant investment in the refurbishment and remodeling of more than 50 health centers that exist in the interior of the State to have quality care for the people who go to consult a physician in these health centers in a comfortable way”.

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