Two women arrested for drug dealing in Playa del Carmen

Photo: YAM

Two women were arrested in Playa del Carmen’s irregular zone known as “In House” with 28 bags of marijuana and several doses of the drug known as “piedra” (stone), for which they were sent to the FGE.

Flower “N.” 37 years old and Roxana «N.» 23 years old, both from Quintana Roo, were seized in possession of more than 20 doses of drugs.

The police officers of the Secretariat of Public Security and Municipal Transit of Solidarity arrested the two women in possession of 28 bags with possible drugs such as marijuana and stone, during a surveillance tour on Lirios street with Bahía Honda street, in the irregular zone known as “In House”.

Those responsible are Flor «N.», 37 years old, and Roxana «N.», 23 years old, who were seized on the night of September 10, in possession of 14 bags of marijuana and 14 baggies with a drug-like substance known as “stone”, after being caught exchanging baggies of marijuana for cash.

Due to the foregoing and after informing them of the reason for their arrest, the two women were detained and made available to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), where their legal situation will be determined.

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