The international boardwalk of Progreso will have an “extreme makeover”

Photo: SIPSE

Progreso public service workers carry out regular inspections and care of the various installations.

As part of the maintenance and restoration work, public service workers periodically review and take care of the various facilities and attractions that make up the international boardwalk of Progreso, which has become the main point of the nightlife in this municipality, which has a series of outdoor attractions that need to be attended to on a daily basis.

According to the direction of public services and ecology, the works at these sites are carried out periodically, with the aim that they are always in adequate conditions, due to their exposure to the weather elements.

Among the works carried out are the care, cleaning, and pruning of green spaces, in order to take care of the plants and prevent the access roads to the beach areas from being invaded by vegetation, and maintenance and repair work is carried out on the spaces and figures in the place, also the general cleaning of the site to maintain roads and facilities in ideal conditions.

Faced with this situation, painting and repair work has been carried out on chairs, decorative figures, children’s playgrounds, and other elements.

Finally,, it was indicated that in coordination with the security authorities, surveillance tasks are constantly carried out in the place and in the protection of the space, which has made the site one of the safest areas of the port.

TYT Newsroom