The first cold front of the year arrives in Yucatán


In the early morning hours of Tuesday, September 27th, the first cold front of the year will be located in the central and southwestern area of the Gulf of Mexico and will bring along rains in the southeast of the country.

On Wednesday, September 28th, the cold front will be arriving at the Yucatan Península.

The frontal line would generate a weak “Norte” (as it is called in Mexico), with some clouds, rain, and cooler air, Meteorologist Palma Solís stated.

By Thursday, September 29th, the cold front will be over the Península, it will not bring an abrupt change in temperature but it will gradually cool down, mainly during the weekend.

Meteorologist Palma explained that during the weekend the heat will continue throughout the day, but the temperature will decrease during the afternoon.

Meteorología de Yucatán reports on its website that we will be receiving about 23 cold fronts during the 2022-2023 “Cold Front Season”, the average annual number for Yucatán’s Península.

She concluded that these cold fronts will start early, but we should expect slightly colder weather from November to January.

Long-term forecasts indicate that there could be 3 cold fronts in October, 4 in November, and 3 in December. Next year the forecast expects an active January with 6 cold fronts. February with 4, March with 2, and possibly 1 in April.

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