SSY carries out the fumigation of 270 neighborhoods across Mérida

“To prevent diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, the Health Secretariat of Yucatan (SSY) carries out fumigation tasks in 270 Merida neighborhoods, for the benefit of 1,250,000 inhabitants”, informed Mauricio Sauri, the State Health Secretary.

He explained that the actions, which cover 12,500 hectares, are carried out at 5:30 in the morning and at 6:00 in the afternoon, times of greatest activity for this species.

The fumigation has intensified since September 19th and will continue until October 2, so Sauri called on citizens to keep their homes free of objects that accumulate water, to avoid stagnation with the potential to become mosquito breeding sites.

He recalled that so far this year 60,624 hectares have been fogged and the interior of 2,899 homes sprayed, in addition to the fact that 300,648 homes have been checked for larval control.

In addition, nearly 510 tons of potential mosquito breeding sites have been collected in Mérida and its surroundings.

TYT Newsroom