Sports Tourism will leave a significant economic spill on the state of Yucatan

Photo: YAM

The “Fisu America Games” are expected to leave an economic spill of 13 million pesos in Mérida.

(IDEY).-“It is expected that this year sports tourism will generate an economic spill of around 104 million pesos in Yucatan”, declared Carlos Sáenz Castillo, director of the State Sports Institute.

Sáenz Castillo indicated that it is estimated that the “Fisu America Games” alone, which will take place in October, leave 13 million 200 thousand pesos, with the arrival of approximately five thousand university students from 13 countries of the American continent.

He added that as part of the economic reactivation program implemented by the state government to recover from the effects caused by the pandemic, the organization of sporting events generated what is now known as “Sports Tourism”, which yields economic benefits for the State.

During his speech at the press conference to announce more details of the Trade Fair Expo 2022, the official explained that the “Fisu America Games” will share the headquarters of the Siglo XXI Conventions Center with the trading event.

He pointed out that young people from various universities in America, whose ages range between 18 and 26, will participate in this event. According to data from the tourist observatory, this sector of the population is economically active, with a certain level of acquisition power.

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